FanExam: The officially licensed NPS solution

  • Get actionable feedback from your customers.
  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Keep customers happy.

Get your invitation now, and you will receive a voucher for $99 towards your basic FanExam NPS plan.

Companies using FanExam to measure their NPS include:

Uncover what your customers think

  • Let FanExam automate customer feedback collection.
  • Simple setup and deployment.
  • Send real time feedback to the right department with tools like email, Intercom and Slack.
  • Improve customer happiness using FanExam and the NPS framework.
  • FanExam is officially licensed to provide NPS services.
  • FanExam processes thousands of NPS survey calls daily.


What happens when I ask for a FanExam Invitation?

We will contact you about your specific use case and help you set up an automated NPS survey. Your voucher for $99 is valid until you are ready to start receiving real customer feedback.

Can I use FanExam NPS survey in Spanish?

FanExam is multilingual and you can adjust the survey language to the language of your customers.

Can I use FanExam to send NPS over email?

No, FanExam integrates into your website, ecommerce store or SaaS. We specialize in direct, high response feedback.

How can I integrate FanExam with ...?

FanExam has a custom integration service. We do the integration for you.

More than 50% of Fortune-500 companies & other leaders such as Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Harley-Davidson use NPS as their customer loyalty metric.